Glass2K 0.9

Allows Windows 2000/XP users to make any window transparent
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The new stable beta version remembers each window's transparency settings, allows you to keep any window on top, loads on Windows startup etc.
And with this latest version, you can easily make the windows taskbar transparent.

Glass2k is a small little program that allows Windows 2000/XP users to make any window transparent. Right-click on any window or press the keyboard shortcuts (Control + Shift + [0-9]) to make any window transparent. It's that simple.


- In order to run Glass2k you would need the following:

- Windows 2000/XP with 64+ MB RAM & 400+ Mhz CPU

- Visual Basic 6 runtime dlls

- A fast graphic card with 8 MB or more onboard RAM will help.

Keyboard Shortcuts : [ 0 - 9 ] : Pressing any number from 0 to 9, while the appropriate keyboard shortcuts (Alt, Ctrl, Shift) are pressed, will instantly make the current window transparent.

Select the appropriate combinations here, or disable keyboard altogether.

Taskbar Transparency : Changes the transparency of the taskbar.

For best effects, use 80-90% taskbar transparency in conjunction with taskbar auto-hide feature enabled.

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